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    The Markdown-based note-taking app that doesn't suck.

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    • nk
      nkhuw reviewed Notable
      I absolutely love this app, I practically live inside of it. A few things to know: (1) You must get the beta edition: it's 2 light-years ahead in development compared to the 1.84 version on webpage. The developer is incredibly responsive (I've suggested features that he's released hours later!) but also a bit of a design freak and a perfectionist who does not want to release with fanfare until he feels it's ready. But this app kills. (2) clean intelligent design minimalism on the surface but extremely powerful under the hood. (3) There's a command scripting language with >700 commands, very much like vscode. That means you can remap any shortcut and do things that other apps can only do via plugins. (3) other cool features: drag and drop tagging; multi-note batch edit mode; great code-formatting, katex support, many options for text based diagrams; powerful boolean search and tag filters; export/import to many formats; quickly switch between collections of notes; multi-window support, multiple and persistent tabs; absolutely customizable via simple scripting language, CSS, javascript. Soon to come plugins. This is the vscode of markdown editors in terms of power (but designed to be a much more pleasant to use). Love this app.
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      6 days ago
    • nk
      nkhuw Upvoted a comment on Notable
      Very clean and beautiful interface. Everything can be done from the keyboard. The hierarchical tags are a unique feature and help a lot organizing your notes. Since it uses a well-known renderer for Github-flavored markdown text, your notes can contain diagrams, tables, emojis and syntax-highlighted source code. There are only two things which I miss: spell-checking, and having multiple notes folders as for instance VNote supports them. The latter are handled by Notable through hierarchical tags in the "Notebooks/*" namespace. Still all notes go into a single directory. I would like them to be physically separated in the file system because it would make it easier to for instance separate work-related notebooks from private ones. This is a minor complaint compared to the overall great tools Notable is!
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      6 days ago
    • J0y added Notable as alternative(s) to Witful
      19 days ago