Organizes desktop into customizable containers - showing folders (e.g.: local folders, network locations) contents, displayed as icons/thumbnails on scrollable surface. In-built thumbnail engine is capable of displaying thumbnails for supported Open Documents and PSD images, but also for supported PDF files.

Supported media formats can be quickly: previewed, listened, played using in-built multimedia fronted - with included image viewer supporting custom shaped and circular selection, and in-line playback of audio files.

Files can be labeled, customly ordered, searched by typing. There are multiple sorting options from by name to by content (that groups into sets of matching similar files).

Other management features consist of file & folder rules, time & location based settings and more.



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Configurable File management Group Icons Portable Skinnable Special Folders Add a feature


File Management OS & Utilities


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Stardock Fences would be my favorite icon grouper, but its license activation is unstable and obsessively paranoid. It randomly loses its activation and I have to re-activate. Nimi Places gives me...

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While free for non-commercial use, this is not open source software. Be sure to read the license! 3)(d) APPLICATION might COLLECT, UPLOAD, DOWNLOAD and STORE:ANY INFORMATION and THIRD PARTY...

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