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It's perfect totally free program!

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If you're talented, you can use this program as well as non-free FL Studio. LMMS is actively developing. F. E. in last few months, they added three new instruments. The are some things that fl Studio does better, on the other hand, lmms is also better than fl Studio in few moments. You have a possibility of using it for all (99,9 %) electronic genres, And there is awesome library of instrument presets. Built-in samples are not enough good ??. As in FL Studio, you should watch tutorials, to understand how are the things working.

P.S. The best instrument is ZynAddSubFX, but it's hard to tweak it the way you want (cause of many ways to do it). You should look into presets, and watch tutorials!

P.P.S. Sorry for that English..

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If you can't afford a commercial DAW, Go for it. I've been using LMMS for a few years. It was less featured than FL Studio back in the time and is probably almost always like that. This said stop justifying your piracy with I have no cash to pay for FL Studio. LMMS is maybe a bit poor compared to his big brother but very capable. Just listen the demos from Skiessi for instance.
https://youtu.be/PGsxyb_FtKY - Skiessi C64
https://youtu.be/Sby40N98wHs - Skiessi Random Project 14253
https://youtu.be/pOypAjeH2EQ - Skiessi Onion

Plus even now I regret a few instruments from LMMS I can't happen to get in FL Studio. FL used to have TS-404 and is gone. LMMS has this SID simulator which is definitely cool. Guys LMMS is a great DAW if you can't pay for a commercial one.

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Doesn't allow to export MIDI, they are crazy


Try the Release candidate versions of LMMS. They have the ability to import and Export to and from MIDI.

Excellent alternative to FL Studio!

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Really good piece of software, although there is a learning curve. I just wish that there was an interface change. If you have doubts about it, look up LMMS songs on YouTube.


A good tool but the software is dead

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This is what i first decided to use to make a monstercat remix but than i discovered that you can't change the pitch without changing the speed. In my opinion I think that this is very difficult to use especially for beginners. There has not been an updated version come out since 2015 (review written in 2017). I have not tried many other free music production software but this compared to even the free FL demo is still behind. I give it a meh.Still a lot of work can be done to this like better features and crash less often, especially on mac.