Gravit Designer

    A cross-platform vector graphics tool, runs as desktop application and in-browser too.

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      Chuong liked Gravit Designer
      20 days ago
    • danielsirait Upvoted a comment on Gravit Designer
      It's a good program, much easier to use than InkScape or Adobe Illustrator but after Corel bought it, the free version is completely neutered and keeps getting worse. I wouldn't use it now because you have no idea what function will be disabled next.
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      about 1 month ago
    • danielsirait Downvoted a comment on Gravit Designer
      I was forced right now in an 30 days trail and after that i am ‘allowed’ to use your free version which isn’t usable in production cases. I was an absolute enthusiast of gravit designer and used in on a daily basis. now i have a lot of struggle to export the work of one year in svg in 30 days, because the free version doesn’t export svg’s in inkscape or illustrator compatible format and pdf in 72dpi only. Further has free version nearly ridiculous restrictions which makes gravit designer free not much more than a better paint. This is pure vendor lock in and even worse you let your customers work for one year for free. Never tell one word about future pro plans. and suddenly you press the gun on the chest of your loyal supporters and tell them hey if you ever want to use the work you made in acceptable quality you have to pay now.
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      about 1 month ago