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My favourite Windows application

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I use this application now for several years and it's amazing how it gets better and better with every new release. The support of the developers is extraordinary and actually two of my suggestions have been implemented within few weeks. The updates are relatively frequent, almost monthly.

Here is why this is one of my favorite Windows applications:

  • Text Expander function - as a medical assistant I'm a heavy user of this feature and my requirements are high. Fastkey has many macros which allow user interactive input and text selections on the fly - this is simply a must have for me and is a great time saver. I have create many input forms to cover many parts of my work. I also like the fact how simple it is to create popup menus with alternative selections for a single abbreviation - it works great and it greatly reduces the number of strings to remember.
  • Very systematic interface, easy to use - there are many examples available although number of available user settings is little overwhelming.
  • Start Menu - it's great to have this feature in the same application, I use it to run different software and open frequently used files, very handy.
  • Automation - it can run AutoHotkey scripts, actually many examples of ready made commands are provided in the "library". For example, I frequently need to open a file, write text into a specific section and then save and close. It is simple to achieve all this with a single keystroke.
  • As said, updates are released frequently and after all this time I still find something new every time.

What still needs to be improved:

  • Integrated help file is a little short and it doesn't explain much.
  • how-to instruction videos would be great...

My two cents... but I highly recommend you try it yourself!


Just crazy

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This is one crazy application full of features. Fully recommended!
Great and fast support too!


Cool little app

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This is so cool, very impressed.


AHK without the programming

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This is basically a fancy GUI wrapper for the AutoHotkey automation scripting language. It allows you to create hotkeys and hotstrings, among other AHK automation goodness, without learning the scripting language.

You can save yourself ten bucks by learning how to write AHK scripts, which isn't that hard to learn (say, compared to learning C). Once you master AHK, you become master of your machine.


Very nice

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Very handy software, very nice and clean!

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Best automating app out there! Kudos to developers!


Excellent and lightweight start menu!

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Simple but very powerful app. I use it as a quick start menu and as a auto rapid shooter in some games. Very funny! Con: you can get addicted to the shortcuts...


Great daily companion!

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This is really a great software - very tiny, minimalistic and simple to use. It has really become my daily companion at my work. I like how flexible it is, I guess the usage scope is almost unlimited, as it is possible to use any Autohotkey script.

Highly recommended and worth every cent IMHO.


Lots of great features but sometimes really buggy

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As someone who is super enthuasitic about autohotkey applications and wrappers, fastKeys is just OK

Don't get me wrong its a great program, however it has given me way too many headaches though:

  1. I bought program but it constantly forgets I put in a key
  2. Its pretty much disabled my keyboard a few times and I had to spend a good amount of time fixing it
  3. A lot of hotkeys I don't need outside the box
  4. Couldn't disable a lot of things I didn't want, it came all prepackaged
  5. Learning curve took awhile to figure out

For me I need something very robust and reliable and fastKeys just feels finicky to me, has let me down way too many times, so I just gave up on it

In terms of features, this is why its great:

  • Has strokePlus like features for using mouseGestures to do common tasks. Fairly easy to program too
  • Can put native autohotkey inside of it, making managing autohotkey easy

Personally if you don't care for mouse gestures (or use a dedicated program like StrokePlus) and don't need custom autohotkey applications or don't own a windows PC I suggest using phraseExpress instead Small PhraseExpress iconPhraseExpress