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    So I decided to try out some kind of a "Driver Manager", even thou I know better I hoped this kind of software would have matured enough not to drown my computer in silly toolbars, adwares and annoying popup softwares. At first it looked real promising. Clean interface. Easy to use. It finds my hardware and can download drivers. But once I started to "update" my drivers, the toolbars and adwares slowly started to fill up my computer. While the adwares and such doesn't come with the Driver Manager itself, they came in with the drivers, and the more I updated, the more spamwares and toolbars sneaked in. After a "full" set of updates (Graphic, Sound, Printers, Motherboard, Harddrive controllers, etc.) my computer was so full of these toolbars, my websurfing turned into a horror show of blinking and smiling silly graphics. As if that wasn't enough, the computer started to popup a "You're infected. Download our software now" message every now and then. Even thou I know I'm not infected. Ended up with the classical Microsoft solution: "Format and reinstall".
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