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      You really need to listen to what I have to say **before you install IOBit Driver Booster**, and search Google and see the negative reviews from thousands of people) I installed Driver Booster and let it search my Windows 8.1 PC and check the drivers and update, what it said was "old ones". This is how the **nightmare** began. It **doesn't use the manufacturers drivers** like you would think it does. It **installs modificated drivers with IOBits malicious code** in them. It will also start to replace Windows files with their own and also deletes restore points and add a lot of registry entries. When I saw this I tried to uninstall it since I thought it would restore all important files and drivers it replaced. But it did not do that! It did also leave files on my hard drive and register entries. Why don’t it uninstall completely IOBits? You know this will create problems for the users. When I then restarted my PC it wasn't working at all, **applications crashed and Windows was completely broken in all kind of ways**. I tried to update drivers manually, deleting everything I could find on the hard drive and the registry, but it's simply impossible to get everything removed. It changes so many core files that you have to install Windows again to get your computer working. And it adds **hidden admin accounts**, who knows what it does in the background. You should go to the manufacturers websites to download and update the drivers, don’t trust third party applications and absolutely not IOBit Driver Booster.
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      4 months ago