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Oscar Sanderson
Top positive commentJul 23, 2021

Brave search is a good privacy focused alternative to Google and Bing. It has some features that DuckDuckGo doesn't, such as "People also search for" boxes and "find elsewhere" which allows you to look up a query on another search engine if you don't find the results you are looking for in brave search. However I don't really like Brave as a company because of their privacy scandals

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Sam Lander

How do you know it is privacy-focused if it is closed-source?

Reply written Aug 24, 2023

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Top positive commentMay 20, 2022

Great private search. It finds what I need most of the time and doesn't censor my results.

It's a bit slower than DuckDuckGo and sometimes I'd have to fall back on Startpage Search If I really can't find something but overall, it's decent.

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Sam Lander

How do you know it is privacy-focused or doesn't censor or downrank results if it is not open-source?

Reply written Aug 24, 2023

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Top negative commentFeb 2, 2024

I really do appriciate Brave trying to break into this sphere, as having Google and Bing being the only major players with an actual full search index sucks. With that said, holy crap Brave Search isn't good. It just never has anything useful, and it feels like rather than making sure that the search results are good, they're instead focusing on random one-off ideas like Goggles or whatever. I want to see them do well but after three times of trying to switch over to it and it not going well, I just have to give up.

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Pending approval • Edited Apr 9, 2024

It's very similar to Kagi in a lot of things and it's for free but it's search results are terrible With Duckduckgo Bangs are far more tolerable but Brave Search doesn't find something very often

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Sam Lander
ReviewJun 27, 2023
• Edited Aug 24, 2023

Although it is not open-source like DuckDuckGo, there are not reports that they alter news results based on what they perceive to be misinformation. I use this as my second search engine, the first being MetaGer. This one is useful for quick AI answers at the top, and for a different index.

Edit: Stopped using and subtracted one star, because now it gives endless captchas if you are using a VPN.

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ReviewMay 31, 2023

While very competent in searching in your own language, Brave Search struggles to provides results from other countries. It also doesn't provide users with search syntax (operators that allow you to finetune your query: search on specific websites, specific expressions etc.). It also tends to provide the same results for words arranged differently or in different languages which is strange behavior. On top of that, i'm not too found of the thin font they use, and the lack of contrast between that font and the optional dark background. Makes everything less readable imo. All in all a promising tool, but which i didn't find convincing enough to fully switch from DuckDuckGo (and its search results mainly sourced from Bing).

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Positive comment
Pending approval

PRO: Very good Privacy Policy, independent search, Goggles Brave Search is unique and really looking forward to it. Goggles seems like a pretty powerful feature but when used private, it can be a factor that identifies who you are. CON: Pretty bad search results English search is pretty good, but it's very bad if I use my native language: korean (e.g. Unrelated strange Chinese YouTube frequently appears in search results)

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