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I am a GTD veteran who has cycled through so many apps in the years, latest being todoist,and then also used trello, asana, outlook, a gazillion others I can't remember and also thebrain(hello 200 usd). But never could find the one, the system to rule them all because my needs depending on the project or mood would change. But. Even if that would not be the case I never could get full functionality from 1 app and always needed to use 2-3 others.

Marvin is different, it's a modular system which allows you to customise your personal flow. There are a lot of helpful explanation faq but they stand out because they are written by someone who has gone through the struggle of procrastination. Even when it read them I understood that I was missing a couple of key things like starting any task with an adjective. Not only are those guides helpful but they teach you the general idea too.

Support is outstanding :I ran into a small issue and contacted the Marvin team, got a response within 30 min- the issue was resolved.

Marvin is still growing though, they are adding many new features on a monthly basis which have no competitors :)

If you are looking for the Swiss lego army knife of productivity. You have found it

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I came to Amazing Marvin after trying many other productivity apps... the Google suite, SortD and iPhone Reminders being the latest, all of which I still use.

I don't work on a team, but I do have many solo projects, some one-time, some recurring, and some that might recur, but might not. In my personal life, I have a wide variety of responsibilities, some of which are projects, some to-dos, and some more creative endeavors. I have found that Marvin's features and strategies manage all of these better than anything else I've tried. The Strategies are customizable; I can use whatever combination of features makes me the most productive and successful.

Although it doesn't (yet) synch with Google, that's on their short-term roadmap, and they gave me a great workaround for the interim (it involves Zapier). The other small drawback is the mobile app - at least the iPhone version - has limited functionality. Nevertheless, I am relying on Marvin more and more. I heavily utilize recurring items, multi-step tasks, labels, procrastination-trackers, and breaking my day into sections, but I use so much more than those. This app is feature-rich, and growing. I highly recommend it. It may replace many, most or all of your current productivity tools.

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Great product
It is clear that a lot of thought was put in its design
This is the first product I see that i can teach it how i work instead of me learning how the products think i should work
Taking into account that its development has not been completed yet make me think how much better it is going to be in the future and I am looking forward it
In addition and not less important - the tech support is one of the best I have never experienced - quick & professional
Do not hesitate for s second and install it

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I stumbled across this GEM of brilliant productivity software one day on Reddit. I've tried just about every app out there and am a veteran Omnifocus user. It was recommended highly, so I figured I'd check it out.

Marvin is the app that I'd long been searching for! I knew that the app I wanted didn't exist, and it didn't until recently. I was moderately content with Omnifocus, knowing I wanted an app to do much more and manage every aspect of productivity simultaneously. I checked periodically for new software developments. Nothing. Just two months ago in my productivity software search, I didn't find anything better. Other apps didn't work well on my Android phone.

Marvin does it all! I'm more amazed by what I can do now with Marvin than when I chose Omnifocus as my first GTD app. I didn't think I could be amazed, since I'd seen it all. Just more apps which were glorified checklists, and highly overpriced for what they offered. I took less than an hour to get oriented fully in Marvin, and I realize now that the possibilities are endless. Everything is modular. You can customize it to be as minimalist or power-user-ready as you'd like. I had thoughts of what my ideal GTD app would be, and Marvin addresses what was missing in other apps. It was clearly designed thoughtfully. It was designed by someone who actually considered how to IMPLEMENT it in daily life. It wasn't just a new checklist. Go meet Marvin! As a veteran GTD productivity enthusiast, I can't recommend it more highly. Marvin has exceeded my expectations and shown me just how modular and comprehensive software can be. Marvin is your one-stop shop for pomodoro timers, priority management, to-do lists, everything.

Absolutely brilliant.
-A very busy grad student

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The only ToDo-software specifically developed for users who suffer from procrastination.

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It's the best comprehensive productivity app you can find

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I have had problems with procrastination and distraction for years and I decided to solve it by organizing my life plan, projects, tasks and etc. If you are a procrastinator you know that you will procrastinate on using paper to write down your plans and task. Who needs paper anyway.

In order to organize everything you need a comprehensive, user-friendly app which I've been searching it for months. I tried all those so-called famous productivity apps but none of them worked for me. I was losing hope that I finally found Marvin.

I always had in my mind why someone doesn't make a flexible productivity app that have features to make the app suit different personalities. Well, Amazing Marvin is like this.
It has many many useful strategies that you can turn on/off based on your needs. It has a good-looking UI and is very user-friendly. You should absolutely give it a try.

Thanks Amazing Marvin

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As an enthusiast of productivity applications, I have to say that Amazing Marvin stands out because of the robust system of personalization and analysis of user behavior. Detect procrastination, hide tasks that do not have to worry your brain right now (dependencies), enter time estimates for task completion, short, medium and long term planning ... These and many other functions lead me to believe that only now, but especially in the coming months and years Marvin has everything to establish itself as the most suitable platform for professionals in all areas. I strongly recommend those who are distracted, those who are affected by anxiety and all who are dreamers but have not yet been able to organize all the wonders in their minds - Marvin will be able to help you, believe me.

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I love Amazing Marvin! I've used many productivity tools in the past...Mostly trello, but I played around with Todoist, Wunderlist, and Omnifocus as well. And none of them compare. What I like most about Amazing Marvin is that you can customize the app into a way where you work best and can benefit from it most. I was recently diagnosed with ADHD and this is the tool that’s perfect for me because there are many strategies that help me stay on track & stay productive. It's always great that it's fairly new because even more features will be added as it grows. Highly recommend it to anyone looking for an all-in-one tool that will replace your other productivity apps/tools. It costs money, but it's so worth it for the increased productivity you get from it and everything it has to offer to improve your planning & management.

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Came across this little known app a month ago, curious why it has good reviews but nobody talks about it I signed for their 30 day trial a month ago.

I am a semi-GTD’er (love the concept, kind of follow but have not reached 100%) . I also have many hats to wear every day.
Life got too complicated for a simple daily planner, projects exploded in quantity, complexity and time to complete. I love technology so naturally, like many, I have being searching for the “right” app/hardware to help me deal with this (Apple Newton anybody?). I’ve installed and deleted too many apps, printed too many “methods”
So far results have always been “good, but…”, so I stop using them and on to the next one.

After a month of using AM every day (and note the word USING, not testing or trying), this is what I found so far:

Like :

-The multi level area-project-task master list, which mimics without limiting how I think and organize
ie. level 1 has my life main areas, business, health, etc… I can do Business(area)-CRM(Area)-
Prospects(area)-Send Info(Area)-Customer N(Project)-and Prepare slides, get approval, send mail

  • Can convert tasks to projects and viceversa with 2 clicks
  • Set up labels (contexts), 3 different types of “due” dates, alarms.
  • There are many “strategies”, which are ways to deal with your tasks, to choose from and customize to what works for you.
  • Standard views to see what’s in your plate.
  • Support. And what you get is Top notch support. There is a very helpful FAQ, but if you don’t find what you’re looking for you can contact support and get an answer directly from the developers. You get answers within 24 hrs, but not standard “FAQ” responses, you get your-specific-issue answer. I even got a custom made video to help me understand how to use a feature I thought was missing! (personal as in: “hi Carlos, I’m gonna show you how…”)

Don't like (in order):

  • No sync with calendars, this is my main issue, sync would mean one app to rule them all. I believe there is a work around with 3rd party apps but it’s too much hassle and additional cost.
  • Mobile app (iOS) is very limited.
  • No attachments link (Evernote, dropbox, google drive, one drive). I need it for better project management
  • No collaboration / sharing. I don't see how it will work with a team without no collaboration or links to the cloud.
  • It’s a fairly new app, so it’s still in development. There is roadmap, but at this point it’s a guess how long it will take to implement them

AmazingMarvin is not perfect and may not meet everything in your wish list. Some issues may even be a deal breaker for you, like the mobile app, lack of sync with the cloud or no collaboration. And pricing is on the high side ($12/mo, $300 for life), more so considering is still under development.

Having said that, it does checks more boxes than most apps and I believe the developers have a very good idea of how to improve it and they do listen to their users. Is it everything I want? no, but is a great start, and they are working on some of the things I don't like, so it will get better.

I actually use it every day, feel more in control, and miss less things than 30 days ago. And yes, I became a member, which is the best endorsement I can give.

So definitively sign up for their 30 day free trial, give it a go, use the strategies, or not, however simple-complex you want it to be. You’ll figure out if it works for you, and if it does, you’ll be glad you tried.


Just letting you know there is now calendar sync! :)

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This apps stands out from all the todo lists I have used. Infact it's the culmination of a lot of productivity apps out there. I had to previously use toggl, pomodone and todoist with all the integrations so as to achieve my productivity flow. All of it has been single handedly been replaced with Amazing Marvin. And the best part is I am using only a limited set of features and scratching it's surface. There are a lot of customizations which would allow others to make their own personal flows. All these flows are just a click away and integrate in a very harmonious way.

To top it off they have exceptional customer support. I have sent feedbacks and my issues have been resolved within a matter of minutes. It is the ultimate productivity tool with probably the best customer support team you could have asked for. Go for it.

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Workflow and ease of task entry, multiple ways of focus on a task and a general user friendly customized website.

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Marvin packs the capacity to incorporate as little or as many as dozens of innovative, proven, organizational strategies, providing a personalized system. It goes above and beyond the capabilities of other resources on the market.

Its appearance is uncluttered despite its capacity for features.

Customer service is outstanding. The developer(s) are engaged with the users. Service is timely, personalized, and responsive to feedback.

You can get lost in an afternoon of discovering new, useful strategies to organize your life, or you can use it as a simple task list. When there is an overwhelming amount of things to do, Marvin has a variety of ways that make the day feel manageable. I actually have a lot of fun organizing my life now. Even the most dreaded tasks feel more like a game.

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I've had ADHD ever since I remember myself. I'm also a developer who's a bit nuts about productivity. Both of these facts mean that I'll grab every good productivity tool or technique I could get my hands on.
Marvin changed the way I manage my time, tasks and projects. I've been through all other solutions out there, believe me. It feels like they've all been trying (unsuccessfully) to achieve what Marvin actually does.
I'm measurably getting more things done, with less stress - both while working on the task, and also less stress as a constant background noise. Because I know that everything I need to do, the plans as to how to approach it, when is the best time, and the context revolving it (super important for a forgetful mind like me!) are accessibly laid out in the app.

A pretty immediate "shut up and take my money". As of writing this, I'm 2 months into using Marvin on a yearly plan.