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Adobe After Effects Features

  1.  Keyframe Animation
  2.  Motion Capture
  3.  Support for 4K
  4.  Ad-free
  5.  Dark Mode
  6.  Works Offline
  7.  Colour Grading
  8.  Chroma Key / Green Screen
  9.  Extensible by Plugins/Extensions
  10.  Node Based
  11.  Support for Layers
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Adobe After Effects was added to AlternativeTo by LGFN on Apr 21, 2009 and this page was last updated Nov 22, 2022. Adobe After Effects is sometimes referred to as After Effects, AE.

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Jeremy Ifalo
Top positive commentFeb 5, 2018

Hot fire software lol. Great for filmmakers and it comes apart of the adobe suite so its chill.

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Top positive commentJan 11, 2023

Great software for visual effects. I am editing all of my videos there since I found it!

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Top negative commentMar 6, 2020

Bloatware. Honestly. After buying the license, I found multiple instances of Cinema 4D installed as well. Did I ask for it? NO. Did they warn or even say it would be installed? NO. It's already a pain that you are forced to install Creative Cloud and all other stuff. It's cool if you use it, but it shouldn't be forced if you don't want to use it. Can't wait to find a proper alternative, like Affinity is to InDesign, Illustrator, and Photoshop.

When you buy one app, you should get one app installed. No more, no less.

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jules salin
Positive commentMay 4, 2021

Good but wish it was cheaper.

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jose escobar
Negative commentMar 6, 2020

Bloatware, when I bought After Effects they never ask me to install 7 cinema4d apps!! and 4! icons with different apps, why they fragment AF in 4 different icons/programs? i just need AF no other shits.

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Positive commentAug 31, 2019

The perfect app for creating motion graphics and applying effects!

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ReviewJun 26, 2019

Best for particle simulations, camera tracking and visual effects.

This is the best application for particle simulations, camera tracking and visual effects in general. After Effects has a huge support community with plenty of tutorials and plugins (many are free) to keep you busy during winter months.

My beef is with the Creative Cloud's monthly subscription based license. Adobe had the audacity to sent emails to their clients explaining that users must upgrade to the current version or risk being sued for copyright infringement. In addition, older hardware has being phased out forcing clients to purchase the latest Windows 10 PC.

I shall continue to use CS5 for as long as possible or until Adobe abolishes this subscription based nonsense. Until then I absolutely refuse to upgrade to the latest version.

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