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ActivePresenter was added to AlternativeTo by JerryP on Oct 21, 2011 and this page was last updated Mar 9, 2023.

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Top positive commentJun 11, 2012

I've been using the free edition for a while now, and enjoy the choice of options, the smart recording functions, the great choice of outputs (pdf, swf, mp4, webm.... you name it).

After many years using Wink that felt a bit old, I decided I needed a new screencasting / tutorial software. I tried other programs such as BB FlashBack Express or HyperCam, but I chose ActivePresenter as my new tutorial creator.

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Top positive commentApr 7, 2017

Very useful screen recording software. I like user interface very much. Very easy to use. More important is No water mark, no time limit and very good editing video features. Not only free and standard version work fine. Professional edition is my best choice for my elearning lessons.

Thanks for sharing Activepresenter.

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Positive commentDec 20, 2023

ActivePresenter has an intuitive slide-based workflow, a robust set of eLearning development tools, great screen-capture and recording capabilities, multi-modal publishing (demo, tutorial, practice, and test modes) and one-click publishing to HTML5 and/or SCORM formats for ready deployment via LMS (we use it with MOODLE). The few times I have needed support, the team was very responsive and extremely helpful and even on a few occasions created scripts to make the software do what we needed it to do (which were somewhat non-standard use-cases). I have used many eLearning development and deployment platforms (including the 2 heaviest hitters in the industry), but ActivePresenter is hands-down the best value for the money and is most accessible for new team members to ramp up in learning development.

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Positive commentJan 15, 2023

The free features are good enough by themselves to use this app. It's aimed at teachers, with a lot of focus on interactive presentations & quizzes. I use it for video editing, which while minimal in features compared to advanced competition, it's all I need.

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Positive commentAug 4, 2022

I have used ActivePresenter Pro for a few years and wanted to share my thoughts.

First, if you use a slide-based tool then give ActivePresenter a demo try. It competes very well on price, feature set, and performance.

Lossless recording is high quality. I record video tutorials that are up to 45 minutes. Screen resolution is excellent. My workflow includes Davinci Resolve, so video I record in AP ends up in Davinci. Some use OBS to record (Davinci does not record video) but I found AP much easier, for me. I have either used or trialed any major brand authoring tool, and none of them beats the video quality of AP.

I write mostly software demonstrations. My secret weapon is editing the mouse/cursor path. This was straight-up the major reason I switched from Articulate. Before switching, re-records from either client changes or my error, cost many hours and were stupid simple to fix, if only I could edit the cursor.

The ability to keep the same screen shot and change the cursor action is a huge time saver for me. AP has a feature that allows capture of the cursor during recording but then disable it during edits – it can be replaced.
I can’t emphasize enough how much time this one feature saves me. I recently trialed Camtasia and 2nd tier support could not figure out why the cursor could not be removed from screen.

The Properties panel offers a lot of control over any item on the screen.
Projects are easy to standardize because I can add any item on screen to my base template and it’s available to any other project.

I can customize keyboard shortcuts for most menu items which smooths workflows. For example F7 starts preview from the current slide, F8 previews current slide only, and F9 stops a preview. I am using these now to help me sync on screen with recorded audio. Oh and I have F3 import audio.

The User Manual is right there, click Help > User Manual, so no online search for it needed.

Support for AP is very good. I have contacted them twice and got same day answers, from developers.

Their online community is active, I’m on it too. I checked for this before buying ActivePresenter. I wanted to know how happy users were and was pleased with what I found.

Documentation is thorough, about 400 pages for AP and well done, too.

I in no way use all of the features of AP. It supports variables, but our LMS does not support SCORM well so reporting out on quiz scores was not a thing we could do.

You may like that Atomi Systems offers modest online hosting for your AP created courses. It’s a cool place to try out or even host your content. No cost.

What you may not like:

I wish there were more slide transitions. I understand it’s business/education software and not a film tool, but I would like a few more eye catching transitions that do not invoke a PowerPoint feel, something less expected. It makes a difference.

The ability to create motion paths for an item is an underused feature. I do feel it is for simple on screen motion, whereas I have been spoiled for choice in Davinci.

Conclusion ActivePresenter is a pro level tool you never knew about.

It’s price is very competitive. I understand some expect a free tool which I believe they offer. But if you make a living with it, you probably need the more advanced tools, which have a cost. The cost is one time, not a subscription, and is a perpetual license for that version. When a new major version is released, say from 8.x to 9.0, I have used version 8 only, but a modest upgrade fee is what I understand will move me to version 9.

I can do a lot with AP, but have not come close to using all its features. For example, there are slide masters, which most are familiar, but also feedback masters which allow me to customize (variables) to participants. All of this is in their user manual and, extensive tutorials are available on their web site and YT.

Another example, i record voice over in a DAW, Bitwig Studio, and import those recordings into AP, no problem.

FWIW, I’m reviewing my write-up and am starting to sound like a shill. I’m not. Just a guy who likes to have a choice of pro level tools, that I own and can carry from job to job, and not rely on my company to provide because it costs a grand a year or a small fortune each month.

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Positive commentJul 21, 2022

I use ActivePresenter in two contexts. As a video producer for a major educational company, I produce small how-to videos that need frequent updating. As a mystery writer, I produce "teaser" videos for my books: fewer maintenance cycles but I need more dazzling effects. I've used other video editing suites and course creation tools, including Captivate, Camtasia, and Premiere Pro. For ease of use and breadth of features, my favorite is ActivePresenter. It is enormously flexible. It can import PowerPoint slides, images, GIFs, and other videos. As you edit, you can separate your video into chunks ("slides") to focus on one piece of animation or editing at a time. It captures video off the screen or from an application and separates the video track from the audio track--a huge win in maintenance. You can record multiple audio and video tracks at once. You can record a video without the mouse and layer the mouse in later, another big maintenance win. Once you’ve captured a video, you can export it as a MP4, then add it to another video, then edit it again, then export that video and import it to another video…all without loss of audio or video quality. Editing is nondestructive. AP has a nice library of special effects, including transitions from scene to scene, fades in and out of individual items in the timeline, animation (even without Saola Animate), and opacity. With the course creation module, of course, you’d get many more. But I’ve been able to create entertainment-style videos as well as training videos. The user interface is extremely easy to use right out of the box. All the major editing effects are located right above the timeline as well as in the ribbon. AP supports key-binding to make editing effects even easier to use. All elements of the UI can be separated, moved around, etc. It just does things right, and the price is excellent.

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Positive commentJun 19, 2019

Very affordable. Versatile, easy learning curve.

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