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Here are recommendations for adjusting to your current home-bound life

almost 2 years ago by IanDorfman

With the onset of COVID-19, everyone finds themselves at home more often than before. This new reality has made it necessary for us to adjust our living habits in order to ensure that family, friends, and other loved ones are not needlessly impacted by the disease.

The new normal has caused a shift in what we need in terms of software. Whether it's for productivity or recreation, working or studying from home, or just doing what you can to pass the time, our need for software has only increased in light of this new reality.

We here at AlternativeTo have been working on a new dedicated category for remote work and education software and services. These apps aim to assist you in maintaining productivity in the face of your increased time working and learning either from home or another remote location different from the norm.

In terms of education, we've added sections of the site dedicated to learning management systems, online education apps, and interactive whiteboard apps.

In addition to productivity, our social lives have to adjust to this new reality too. Though games such as the popular Small Fortnite Battle Royale iconFortnite Battle Royale can be used to entertain younger audiences as well as fans of third person shooters, there are loads of fun casual social games that promote interacting with others. There are also more intricate and immersive virtual world games and experiences that emphasize communication.

Games are just one facet of the way modern technology at home can bring us together instead of making us feel alone. Apps and services that allow friends to watch videos together over the Internet such as Small Metastream iconMetastream can serve as an alternative to in-person movie nights. Chat room apps and services like Small Discord iconDiscord allow us to talk with others that have like-minded interests.

Whichever way you look at it, physical social isolation doesn't have to mean that your life and interactions with friends, coworkers, and society at large stops. From video games to chat clients, remote productivity and recreation can sustain our social connections to the outside world both personally and professionally.