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Microsoft reportedly planning to allow Android apps to run on Windows 10 as MSIX packages

almost 2 years ago by IanDorfman

Microsoft is once again developing support for Android apps on Windows, this time aiming for successful implementation as soon as next year.

Referred to as Project Latte, Microsoft's software-based solution aims to enable developers to package their Android apps for distribution on Windows 10 via the MSIX Packaging SDK with "little to no" changes in code. This implementation will be markedly different from the current (and limited) streaming solution that the Link to Windows application provides.

Unlike the previous and abandoned Project Astoria Android implementation, Project Latte is powered by the Windows Subsystem for Linux. This means that Microsoft will be able to use WSL as the foundation for powering Android apps on Windows.

One of the main disadvantages that Project Latte will have to combat against traditional Android devices is the lack of access to Google Play Store services, meaning that any apps with dependencies tied to the Play Store will need to ensure they are removed before looking to release their software on Windows 10.

The current timetable for this Android app porting implementation has it pinned for announcement early next year, with a fall of 2021 release (anywhere from September to December) alongside the major Windows 10 feature update corresponding to that time.

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