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Asana launches Workload, a feature to combat employee burnout

about 3 years ago by IanDorfman

Employee burnout is a problem, and Asana wants to help employers and project managers fix it. To that end, as well as to improve general clarity on work being tackled and overall productivity capacity, the work management platform has launched what it's calling Workflow, a new way to view employee productivity that can let project managers balance workflow more evenly across teams.

As detailed in a post on Asana's official blog, Workload is designed to help give project managers a bird's eye view of how much work every individual on your team has to do based on assigned tasks and expected time to completion. As every team measures work limits differently, effort and capacity can be quantified using a variety of different factors. These include the likes of effort based on time investment and effort based on point valuations on a per-task basis. This way, you can better see how tasks are being tackled on a per-employee basis, allowing you to manage and allocate tasks both scheduled and unscheduled.

Currently, Asana has made this new Workload feature available exclusively to users with paid Business and Enterprise plans. If you fall into one of those camps, it only takes 4 steps to add efforts that utilize Workload is help optimize who has what tasks assigned to them. Asana recommends adding start and due dates for tasks in order to get the most "accurate view" of effort, regardless of if you're tracking effort based on time or points.

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