Cloud Gaming heats up as Microsoft confirms public testing of Project xCloud in October

Written over 1 year ago by Ugotsta

Most people don't have souped up gaming PCs to play the latest, graphically demanding games. Cloud gaming provides a feasible solution, relying on heavily optimized computers in the cloud to do all the work and sending the results back as high quality video. It paves way for practically anyone with decent internet speed to enjoy the very best games at max settings on anything from a phone or tablet to a low-end PC.

The appeal for average consumers is great and many big name companies are pushing to get their cloud gaming platform to market to dominate that space. Google recently announced their platform Small Stadia iconStadia. Even Bethesda Softworks, creators of Small The Elder Scrolls iconThe Elder Scrolls epic RPG series has announced their own platfrom Orion, due for beta testing via a streaming version of Small Doom iconDoom (2016 edition) on iOS later this year.

Adding to the fray, Microsoft has been teasing at its own platform the past year. And it's finally confirmed Project xCloud will be open for public testing in October. If all goes as planned, this would precede Google Stadia's public launch.

For those who want to see what the buzz is all about right now, services like Small Parsec iconParsec and Nvidia's own Small GeForce NOW iconGeForce NOW have been leading the way. Both platforms are already well established with their own share of unique perks.

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