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Flipboard was breached, with usernames, email addresses, and passwords potentially stolen

over 3 years ago by IanDorfman

News aggregation service Flipboard was breached, with user account information potentially being stolen.

An official notice was posted on Flipboard's website describing the data breach, which includes multiple databases. These databases, which include usernames, email addresses, and salted hashed passwords, were reportedly accessed "between June 2, 2018 and March 23, 2019 and April 21 – 22, 2019."

In response to this breach, Flipboard has reset all user passwords, with instructions on how to do included at the bottom of the official notice. That said, if users are still logged in to their Flipboard accounts on any of their devices, they haven't been logged out.

In terms of protective measures other than password resets, tokens linking Flipboard accounts to third party services that can be used to log in (such as Facebook and Twitter) have been rotated. Law enforcement was also notified. Flipboard is "still in the process of determining the total number" of accounts that have been impacted with this security breach.

Other than implementing "enhanced security measures," specific details on how the service is strengthening its security and prevent a similar incident in the future have not been divulged. This is due to "security reasons," according to the official Flipboard notice.

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