1Password adding "pwned password" feature

over 3 years ago by IanDorfman

1Password, a popular password management app, has introduced a new security feature for those that are concerned with having their accounts be as secure as possible. The so-called "pwnage checker" verifies the specific chosen password to ensure that it hasn't appeared in any data breaches.

1Password has posted a video of the new feature to its YouTube channel. The feature is powered by Troy Hunt, developer of Small Have I been pwned? iconHave I been pwned?, a website dedicated to checking whether or not users' email addresses were compromised in data breaches.

The "pwned password" checker is now available to all 1Password members. In order for users to check up on their passwords, they must sign into their account on 1password.com and view the items in their vault by clicking on them. Once that's done, users must enter a 4-key combination to test out the feature. For Mac, that's Shift-Control-Option-C. For Windows, that's Shift-Control-Alt-C. Once that's done, a new "Check Password" button will allow users to check the integrity of their passwords.

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