The end of Firefox as we know it?

about 4 years ago by Venom88

With the upcoming WebExtension arrival, Firefox will not be the same afterward. Firefox 57, in November 2017, will support them only but version 52 will represent a point of no return.

A lot of extensions, that people are used to, will no longer work and several developers already announced they will not continue to work on their add-ons, like Small Classic Theme Restorer iconClassic Theme Restorer , Small DownThemAll iconDownThemAll , Small Open With iconOpen With , Small Keefox iconKeefox , Small Tree Style Tab iconTree Style Tab and many others.

Unfortunately, it seems Mozilla will not change its stance, so there are few options for users: stay with the new Firefox and change their habits or migrate to another browser.

Most estimates are that many people will switch to Small Google Chrome iconGoogle Chrome , Small Vivaldi iconVivaldi , Small Opera iconOpera and other Chromium-based browsers. The people's feeling is: since Firefox is mimicking them, why not choose the real ones?

Maybe Small Microsoft Edge iconMicrosoft Edge will have some chances with its improving speed and stability on Windows, but it's objectively not much customizable and has still too few extensions.

Those who don't want to give up on their add-ons could consider Firefox-based browsers. Among these, Small Pale Moon iconPale Moon has the biggest opportunity to attract users. The project is a fork of Firefox ESR, modified to continue to support features no longer supported by Firefox, such as NPAPI plugins, old XUL and XPCOM binary-component extensions and current extension system.

Some say the default UI seems outdated, but thanks to its support for theming and UI customization, you can make the browser look like the actual Firefox.

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