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  1. CloneApp icon

    There's nothing like a fresh install of Windows to clear your mind, but it comes at a cost: you have to set everything up again, just the way you like it.

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    • Windows
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  2. EaseUS Partition Master icon

    EASEUS Partition Master Home Edition is a free disk partitioning utility that offers a range of powerful functions such as resizing partitions, copying partitions, creating new partitions, deleting partitions, formatting partitions, converting partitions, exploring partitions...

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    Choose a partition
  3. EaseUS ToDo BackUp icon

    EaseUS ToDo BackUp is a file backup and disaster recovery software. You can backup disks, partitions, individual files and folders. You can backup to other disk of your PC or to FTP and CD/DVD. Todo Backup enables you to clone the entire disk fast both in Windows and bootable CD.

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    System Backup
  4. EaseUS MobiSaver icon

    EaseUS MobiSaver is an Easy-to-Use iPhone recovery software that allows you to directly scan iPhone, or extract iTunes backup files to recover iPhone data like notes, text messages, call history, calendar as well as photo & video, no matter you're an iPhone 5, 4S, 4, or...

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  5. Auslogics Disk Defrag icon

    Disk fragmentation leads to system slowdowns, PC crashes, slow startup and shutdown and sometimes to system failures. Auslogics Disk Defrag is designed for fast optimization of todays modern hard disks. Get the maximum performance out of your expensive hardware investments.

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  6. Auslogics BoostSpeed icon

    Award-winning optimizer that will clean, fix and speed up your PC in a few simple clicks. Experts recommend BoostSpeed as effective, fast and a program the entire family can use.

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    Auslogics BoostSpeed screenshot 1
  7. Auslogics Registry Cleaner  icon

    -Totally safe. Registry Cleaner will clean, repair and optimize your Windows registry to eliminate errors and crashes, and to restore smooth and stable operation, so your PC will stop giving you headaches and be usable once again.

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    Auslogics Registry Cleaner  screenshot 1
  8. Auslogics Registry Defrag icon

    Auslogics Registry Defrag will defragment and compact your Windows registry to reduce the amount of memory it takes up and restore system stability, so you can once again enjoy a smooth user experience.

    • FreeProprietary
    • Windows
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  9. Auslogics BitReplica icon

    BitReplica is a tool for backing up files stored on your Windows PC. It protects your photos, music, documents and any other data from being lost due to a hard drive crash, virus attack or accidental deletion.

    • Windows
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    Auslogics BitReplica screenshot 1
  10. Auslogics Windows Slimmer icon

    Windows Slimmer is the best free software that will slim your Windows down to save space and speed up your computer’s overall performance by optimizing different Windows settings.

    • FreemiumProprietary
    • Windows
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    Auslogics Windows Slimmer screenshot 1
  11. Auslogics Driver Updater icon

    Update all drivers on your PC in one click to prevent device conflicts and ensure smooth hardware operation! Driver updater is a safe, fast and intuitive tool.

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    Auslogics Driver Updater screenshot 1
  12. PC Decrapifier icon

    The PC Decrapifier is a program designed to remove or uninstall a specific list of unwanted software in an unattended fashion.

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  13. Revo Uninstaller icon

    Application uninstaller tool for cleaning up failed/uninstalled or removing all traces of application files and registry keys. Monitors for changes made by installers and applications therefore and can undo these changes when uninstalling.

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    Main window
  14. IObit Uninstaller icon

    IObit Uninstaller is a free tool that efficiently uninstalls and removes unwanted programs and folders from computers. It offers features like install monitoring, forced uninstallation, batch uninstallation, log management, and restoration capabilities.

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    IObit Uninstaller screenshot 1

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