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Apps with 'Multi-messenger' feature

  1. Ferdi is a desktop app that helps you organize how you use your favourite apps by combining them into one application. It is based on .


    Ferdi developers have decided to hide the issue tracker behind a paywall (you need to be a $9/month sponsor to see it), which is not really a good sign for an open source project. They first said it was because the issue tracker might leak private data, but they later admitted on Twitter that it was just a lie… More information here and here

  2. Free, Open Source and Cross Platform messaging and emailing app that combines common web applications into one.

  3. Franz is a free messaging app / former Emperor of Austria and combines chat & messaging services into one application. Franz currently supports Slack, WhatsApp, WeChat, HipChat and many more. You can download Franz for Mac, Windows & Linux.
  4. Set your favorite apps on Biscuit, and they will function immediately. You won't need to spend time looking for your apps within your mountain of tabs.
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  5. Free open source Electron based multi instant messaging (IM) client. Combine all your IM applications (or whatever you want) in a single browser (Electron) window.
  6. One app for all your communication services! Use messengers like WhatsApp, Telegram, Messenger, Skype, Gmail and many more in one app!.
  7. Stay on top of business communication with your clients, easily update your team and share messages from Whatsapp and email to collaborate on work with clients.
  8. Konnektor is the developer-friendly alternative to Sameroom. It allows you to do the same but in a different manner. Currently you can use Konnektor for free if you deploy it on your own host.


    Last update 2 years ago. Does not support that much.

    • FreeProprietary
    • Android
    • Android Tablet
    Flychat offers a revolutionary way to interact with your IM messages, overlaying them over other apps and letting you reply anywhere.
  9. Komz is aim to concentrate all apps in one. Regroup all your services and easily manage notifications to increase your productivity.
  10. WhatsGreen Multi Messenger is the easiest way to chat with friends from Chrome Browser without a phone. With WhatsGreen Multi Messenger you will never miss a message again while working on your PC.