Free and open source closed circuit camera suite for premises security for home and business.

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    • Ar
      Arius reviewed ZoneMinder
      It might be a good app, but like others have said, it is difficult to get running and the instructions always leave something out, like it's assumed you already understand database management. I've tried this on Debian 10, and Manjaro. Manjaro seems like an easier process, but there is not much documentation or how to videos. Maybe Ubuntu is better, but I'm giving up on Zone Minder. I'd be better off paying for something than wasting a bunch of hours going in circles. It seems to be easier to install on Gentoo, but Gentoo is in itself an extremely involved process. Can't win. I'm going to try Shinobi now.
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      22 days ago
    • Ar
      Arius thinks this post on ZoneMinder is helpful
      Far too complicated to set up. I gave up even trying to start setting it up by reading through their Wiki. The guides there are outdated, confusingly written and jump from one topic to another without explaining it in depth enough for beginners of this software to set up. Sadly seems like the only good option left when it comes to free surveillance software tho and yet I can't use it...
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      23 days ago
    • huongngtm added ZoneMinder as alternative(s) to AI Cam
      about 2 months ago