yEd is a powerful diagram editor that can be used to quickly create diagrams manually or import external data for analysis and auto-magically arrange even large data sets by just pressing a button. You can use yEd to quickly create flow charts, BPMN and UML diagrams, organization charts, mind maps, and many other kinds of diagrams, graphs, and networks. Choose from a wide range of highly sophisticated layout algorithms to automatically arrange diagrams in no time. An intuitive and visually appealing user interface makes creating diagrams fun. Once a diagram has been created, it’s easy to save, print, or export it to popular formats like PDF, SWF, EMF, SVG, JPEG, GIF, PNG, or HTML image maps.



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Mac Windows Linux Online BSD

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Auto Layout BPMN diagrams Class Diagrams Component Diagrams ER Diagrams Export to SVG Flow diagram visualisation Flow chart Grid layout options Import From Excel Library Modules Portable Sequence Diagrams XML import / export Add a feature


Development Education & Reference Office & Productivity


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I came to this about 10 years ago, went away after a few uses, then came back to it having tried some other apps, and have been using it steadily for 5+ years. This is an excellent graphing tool. ...

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Maybe its focus more on Data Science or some other specific purpose. It does a good Job when nodes are spread wide over the plane, in a organic layout and so on (just to show how big it is) But a...

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