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XDM is good but...

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XDM has a good interface and all that, good integration... but I have also Download Ninja, a dead project from VPNscout... a thing I noticed between them is that XDM has about half the download speed Download ninja provides me, downloading the same file... with XDM I can't even reach 1MB/s, with Download ninja, same file, I download with 2-3MB/s.

Apart from that, on the website there's no way to contact the developer and the forum link does not work, which makes me become suspicious if this is a legit program or not.

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no source

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How is it supposed to be opensource? (the time I commented)
I wish it was really open source that people could help you. Many people liked this download manager, but some feature still buggy.
This is the only download manager on linux I could found that is really working and doesn't corrupt files.


LPIA uses Xtreme Download Manager in Linux machine

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This is REALLY a good download manager alternative to IDM for Windows. Anyone who uses Linux operating system like me, the LPIA website (https://www.lpia.co ) administrator, should consider to use it. Not only that it has a simple interface, but also it integrates well with Google Chrome or Firefox to download any files.