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It can do repairs but it is primarily a customizing application. It allows you to make changes to the way Windows works and is configured. From the web site,
Run As System Account: SYSTEM account is even more powerful than the Administrator account. With this tool, you can start any program as the system account, such as regedit or explorer.
Monitors: CPU Monitor. Drive Monitor. Memory Monitor. Network Monitor.
Quick Tools: Built in quick shortcuts to commonly used Windows Programs)
Take A Screen Shot With clipboard, image and multi-monitor Support
Check Disk At Next Boot: Gracefully set a drive to be scanned and repaired at the next boot up of Windows.
Networking Diagnostics: Enhanced and reportable Netstat, Network Information, Static IPv4, TCP & UDP Stats, IP Subnet Calculator, IP Address Scanner and more.
Manage Windows Users: Manage Users and groups from one interface. Create a New Windows User. Manage User Account Properties, Manage Groups and Group Properties, Create New Windows Group and a very powerful Bulk Manage Users Tool
Delete, Move Or Rename Locked Files At Bootup: Very handy for removing stubborn programs and viruses.
Svchost.exe Lookup: Have ever noticed svchost.exe in your task manager taking a large amount of memory or high CPU you wonder what it belongs to?
Process Information
List Windows Services
List Windows Services Safe Mode
Windows Shutdown Timer