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    Windows Fax and Scan

    Windows Built-in Software for sending and receiving faxes with your computer using a Fax-USB-dongle or FAX-PCIe-Card.

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      Scan and Fax is rock bottom. The worst of the worst. I personally call it Shit&Fuck instead of Scan&Fax because this is one of these programs that have to be included in windows or else you could not use your awesome driverless plug'n'play scanner. But totally in historical Microsoft tradition, this program does only its only purpose correctly (scanning) but does it in an absolutely wrong and horrible way, probably because some asshat product manager at MS decided that some poor programmer in redmond had to defecate out a barely functioning program with laughable usability to have an excuse when it comes to windows and scanning. Have you seen the default scanning programs in OSX or Ubuntu? They also only include the base functionality, but they do it in a way that makes sense and does not look like some drunk homeless person came up with the plan for it. Well, I just tried it because i needed some pages scanned. Top left is the scan button. A dialog pops up to choose some scanning options. This shitfucker does not remember which profile (or color format or file format or dpi or contrast setting or or or) you used last time and closes the fucking window after a single scan finished. Even a fucking idiot should notice that remembering the last setting (at least for the running duration of the application) is an essential feature, even underlined by the fact that the fucking dialog closes after a single fucking scan. The fileformats Fuck&Shit can save is also a fucking failure. Yeah, BMP, something i surely use in 2017. TIF! Something else absolutely relevant in 2017. No PDF. No XPS. So i have to use this shit to save it to disc, and use any other program on my fucking machine to save PDF? Morons! Oh wait, there is a print option. I bet i can select all the pages i scanned so far and just print them as one pdf, using my pdf printer driver. No. Guess what: The print option is greyed out if there is more than one picture selected. You fucking idiots. I learned how to feed multiple bitmaps into a single print stream when i was 22. The programmer of the Shit&Fuck application must be even younger then. After you scanned several pages, cursing the fucking idiot that programmed this piece of vomit, there is the time to finally turn your scans into an PDF-file because the Shit&Fuck application cant save PDF and cant print multiple files. Hmmm, i wonder where S&F saves its files. It says nowhere. But wait, there fucking genious "save as" function comes to help. Let that sink in: That function does nothing more than copy the file it already saves in some common (unknown) folder and FUCKING COPIES it somewhere else! Isn't that genious? And even better, if you press the fucking save as button you see where the Shit&Fuck application saves its files, because the save as dialog starts in the fucking default directory by default. Fucking Brilliant! And dont get me started about the fucking treeview and the scan/fax buttons below. Remove the fucking buttons and just show both directories in the same treeview! It's fucking possible! And then hunt down the idiot that did this design decision and have his fucking balls removed! So: Hey random product manager at microsoft: F&S is bullshit. Replace this fucking excuse of a default scanning program with something useful, because the current F&S is... featureless? Usability nightmare? The very first shareware program of a Visual basic programmer in the year 1998? This was the Windows7 version. My guess is that the W10 version is either identical, or -also an microsoft tradition- it has been turned in an even more unuseable metro application with even less features.
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      over 1 year ago
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