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    For one, there are not people who help you research your surnames or areas. People called "leaders" can take profiles, and pictures, of your family away that you create-and they tell you that it doesn't matter if you don't like it. If you carefully research your family, and add them, the project leader might say "Oh, I'm researching folks who founded a town and I am appropriating the profile you created, the pictures you uploaded." One profile manager did that with multiple ancestors of mine. They're not HER ancestors, either. They are founders of a town. So, I did some research on this "Leader", I found a website that she just started. She just created a genealogy business for herself-and she has no license, no degrees, and she belongs to multiple "free" genealogy sites, where she is getting her sources from other people's work, and she's selling the research and photos and sources that others are uploading and creating on Wikitree. That really turned my stomach. Then, I read the rules to see if she can do this: This rule, is not a rule that this "Leader" follows. " Leaders must always be outstanding practitioners of the Honor Code including point III (assuming that mistakes are unintentional) and point IV (being courteous to everyone, even those who don't act accordingly). Leaders must show respect for all members of the WikiTree community at all times, despite how hard this can be." She is not courteous. she is not respectful. She downgrades you if you try to explain that you might be as intelligent as she tells you she is. Then, we go to this rule: "If you see a Leader violating the Honor Code please contact Abby. Specify the Honor Code point, explain why you think the Leader is violating it, and link to any relevant G2G discussions." The truth is this, "when you see a leader violating the Honor Code, please contact Abby", the result of doing that is to get kicked off, blocked, and the leader steals your personal files to sell and distribute to her customers on the website she created for her unlicensed business
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