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Comment by ruskelljd
about VideoGet · Feb 2019 · Helpful Not helpful Report as spam

Use caution this is commercial. Downloading youtube videos is against the terms of service so at any point this application that I am assuming you have to pay for may cut off service. I had one do that a year ago. Technically they are not supposed to be making programs that can do this. You could loose your money and software developers are not required or even expected to refund your money even if you paid for it the day before they cut off service. Just trying to pass along my own experience. I am not saying this software will do this but I would never again pay for a program that can download videos from youtube, too much risk of loosing my money. There are apps t hat do this for free anyway.


Videoget software Error "not enough space"

Comment by CilyPudi
about VideoGet · May 2012 · Helpful Not helpful Report as spam

I have been using my Videoget program for a couple of years, and suddenly I am getting the error "not enough space to process command" when I am simply attempting to download a 5mb file. My harddrive has 10gb of free space, so I knew it wasn't that.

So I thought to check the Program File folder, and sure enough I find that the Temp folder of Videoget has accumulated 1.3gb of TMP files. I have put a screen shot of the file & folders.

I searched all around and can't find the answer if it would be safe to clear the folder, delete all these files. I don't think Videoget needs them. Anybody got any ideas, kmow anything about this program?

I've decided to copy the 1.3gb folder, then delete the files and replace them if it breaks Videoget. I just thought someone might have an idea.

folder with files