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Customizable Content Management System where users financially reward each other for content via upvotes and tips. Offers custom domain support with SSL.

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You post stuff. People upvote it. You make money. It's very simple. It's reddit, but with cats that make you money. We call it monetary applause.

How many social networks and blogs do you post to daily? reddit? G+? Facebook? Twitter? Forums? We're betting you post quite a bit. Articles. Videos. Comments. Memes. Songs. Playlists. Images. Artwork. News. Links. And do you earn any money from it? Exactly.

At valME, you do. valME is about helping you earn money doing the same activities you already do for fun. It's about upvotes that are worth money. It's karma, but improved. Super karma.

Yes, there are transaction costs. But they are so minuscule you won't even notice. If you post an article (2 cents) and you get two upvotes, you just broke even. It's all profit after that. If you post a comment (1 cent) and you get only one upvote, ditto. Now extrapolate: post a great video of your band and get 1,002 upvotes? You just made $10. Post a great piece of art you just painted and get 1,502 upvotes? You just made $15. You get the idea. And if people really like your content, they can even tip you more. Bonus.

Run a forum? How much money do you make from advertising? Move your forum here. We have much of the same functionality (and then some) as your forum software. And we'll give you a cut of the transaction costs. We have full moderation capabilities, including analytics, customizable css and images, spam tools, customizable algorithms for which content appears on your front page, honor contests, modmail, user, domain, and moderator permissions, customizable karma types, etc.

Earnings are paid out in bitcoins, but you can easily convert them to an alternate currency. It costs you nothing to register and try it. Free community. Free karma. Earn money for doing exactly what you already do.

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