Monitors your websites every 5 minutes, totally free. Get alerts by e-mail, SMS, Twitter or RSS. Add up to 50 websites. Monitors can be refreshed for an instant check with a click. Supports https and authentication with user/password.

Relatively modern UI.

The free account
* supports up to 50 monitors
* no SMS notifications
* doesn't support escalations (e.g. when the first contact to respond doesn't acknowledge the downtime, a second contact is alerted). Use Binary Canary for that.


Free with limited functionality

Pricing Information


Supported Platforms

Online Android Android Tablet

Links to official UptimeRobot sites

Official Website    Facebook    Twitter


Event tree analysis Support for Let's Encrypt Public Status Page SMS Reminders Uptime Monitoring User Profiles with Location Add a feature


Network & Admin




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Just begun using this, however I like it so far. It is best only for very simple uptime, and ping knowledge of public websites. Not much else. It is free since 2010 - they dont yet know their...

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clunky UI unintuitive API, needed to reverse engineer params API times or errors out at random, couldn't even provision couple monitors without a failure mid script, same story a week ago status...

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