Twitch Alternatives

    With a history spanning back to 2007’s, Twitch has become the premier destination for video gaming-focused live streams. In addition to this focus, the site has expanded its scope to include traditional games such as chess, casino games such as poker, casual chatting live-streams, news-focused live streams, and much more.

    Twitch’s layout is a showcase of the variety of streams that the site is host to. There are plenty of ways to support content creators, from subscribing to your favorite streamers to cheering them on in their channel’s integrated chat room.

    The past few years have seen a rise in the number of free alternatives to Twitch that claim to offer the same robust choice in streaming selection while also providing additional innovation, mobility, or audience signal boosting. These alternatives include the likes of Small Mixer iconMixer, Small SonicBox iconSonicBox, and Small Facebook Live iconFacebook Live. Despite the heavy competition, Twitch has remained the most popular live streaming site, especially for gaming focused streams. That can't be coincidental.

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