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Encrypts emails automatically

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Tutanota offers a unique email service as my data is automatically encrypted locally before being sent to the servers. I don't know if this is super-secure, but compared to Gmail, Outlook and Yahoo who can read all my data that is just great. With Tutanota I know for sure that noone is snooping around. Love it.


Secure email without a phone number

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I've come across Tutanota recently when looking to an email service to sign up for without a phone number. Tutanota was the only one I could find.

Maybe there are more, but the amount of tracking (phone number, ip addresses, etc.) that's going on online right now really scares me. It becomes close to impossible to use the internet anonymously. Some sites now even force you to sign up with Facebook and the likes, that's mad!

Anyway, I'm very happy that I've found Tutanota - not only can I use it anonymously, it's also encrypted and open source.


Secure and easy

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Love it, especially its anonymity (no ip logging, stripping of ip addresses). Plus I use it with Tor, CyberGhost or OpenVpn to be extra secure. :)


Encrypted emails - nice and easy

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It's my addition to secure chat apps like Telegram and Textsecure. Perfect if you need to contact someone who is not on these plattforms!


Encryption for the masses!

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I've just found out about Tutanota and I'm absolutely thrilled. I love that I can use it via Tor and that I can use crypto with anybody, it's so damn easy!


I don't trust it

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Well, it is great, open source, super.

BUT on this site there is 5 comments créated by new users, they created their account in the same mounth that the comment, and stared some applications.

It seems like someone is creating account to post comment for this app. Really I don't trust it

I did some checking. The users appear legit. They all have 3 - 9 various apps they voted on as well as comments and recommendations. I also went on ProtonMail and people who comment there seem about the same as people who comment here. Might simply be a coincidence and you might be paranoid.