TurboVNC is a derivative of VNC (Virtual Network Computing) that is tuned to provide peak performance for 3D and video workloads.

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      about 2 months ago
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      The brief Wikipedia subentry gives the false impression that this was a project developed in the past that is no longer active or worth mentioning, but that could not be further from the truth. This is an actively developed project with a feature set, hardware-accelerated performance, greater configurability, and efficient bandwidth consumption [far superior to TigerVNC](https://turbovnc.org/About/TigerVNC) and the closed-development, rarely updated TightVNC. Overall, it is a vastly superior project with high compatibility with other VNC clients and servers. After switching over to TurboVNC from TightVNC and TigerVNC, I was able to enjoy both higher quality settings and auto-resizing (ie. if I resized my client window, the server desktop resized to match) with lower bandwidth consumption and latency compared to the other VNC servers. Likewise, I tested the TurboVNC client with the other servers and found it to work seamlessly.
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      2 months ago
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