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  1.  Unattended Access
  2.  Lightweight
  3.  Screen Sharing
  4.  Support for Aliases
  5.  Portable
  6.  Real time collaboration
  7.  Two-factor Authentication
  8.  No registration required
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  •   Updated Feb 22, 2024
  •   4.43 avg rating
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Top positive commentMay 26, 2016

Well, I used this as a last resort because I didn't want the 5 min time limit that TeamViewer impose on free sessions, and because Chrome Remote Desktop couldn't punch through my friend's NAT firewall for some reason. We were amazed at how easy this was to use (up and running in seconds) , especially considering no need to install, and a tiny download. Image quality and speed were top notch. It even placed my friends dual monitors into separate tabs at the top of the screen so I could flick between them easily.

Didn't try any extra features like file transfers or anything, so can't comment on that, but definitely recommended this based on remote desktop access alone.

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Durham Bell

I had the complete opposite experience. Couldn't connect to another machine on my LAN. If it can't hit the machine on the other end of my desk... 🤷‍♂️

Reply written Mar 7, 2022

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Top positive commentFeb 16, 2015

Fastest and good aplication for newbie users. If ur friends or family members don't know about teamviever or dont have it u should use this.

You just download 1 file (1,3 MB) no install required, just launch it and u give ur 6numbers to other person and thats it! Tested this on HSDPA and 3G internet, works realy, realy fast and good.

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Ollav Nhar
Top negative commentOct 29, 2023

I was a huge fan, I use it ALOT since everyone and their dog wants me to fix their computers and I like fixing them. Lately a huge nagging has started to buy a licenced version and weird slowdowns and disconnects. That is exactly what was happening with TeamViewer when I first found Anydesk. Now this is why I am here again. I need to find an alternative now, since I cannot relay on Anydesk free version working when I need it. I would even pay around 300...400€ to get a perpetual licence. But I just cannot stand subscriptions.

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Negative commentFeb 5, 2024

Passwords are stored and/or transmitted in clear text, as evidenced by leak 2024-02. That is, neither a hash nor a salt is used.

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Negative commentNov 20, 2023

Beware, this application will run by default in your GNU/Linux machine without warning!

$ systemctl list-unit-files|grep anydesk anydesk.service enabled enabled

To disable, run:

$ systemctl disable anydesk.service Removed /etc/systemd/system/

Anydesk opens port 7070 without warning and has a known vulnerability:

SSL Medium Strength Cipher Suites Supported (SWEET32)

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Amna ghafoor
Positive commentNov 17, 2023

I've been using AnyDesk for several month now, and it has truly transformed my remote work experience. The installation process was a breeze, and I was up and running in no time

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M Anon
Positive commentMay 19, 2023

Works really well for remote support, and love how no registration is required.

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