TunnelBear is a fancy new app for Windows and Mac that lets you “tunnel” your Internet connection through their US and UK server. It functions very much the same as VPN that let’s you access US and UK restricted website such as Hulu and Pandora. Since your internet connection is encrypted and tunneled, it is also possible to use TunnelBear to bypass blocked website easily and effortlessly.

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Free with limited functionality

Pricing Information

Subscription that costs between $5 and $9. Price may vary depending on commitment and so on.

Supported Platforms

Mac Windows Android iPhone Android Tablet iPad Software as a Service (SaaS)

Links to official TunnelBear sites

Official Website    Facebook    Twitter


Apps that Bypass Censorship Google Chrome Extensions Fast motion VPN Add a feature


Security & Privacy Web Browsers


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It's free! It gives you 500 mb per month.

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Tunnelbear is based in Canada (one of the Five Eyes countries) so it should be avoided unless you want them to spy on you. It also only offers you around 500 mb of data a month. Try ProtonVPN...

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