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Connected to a Mullvad London server using the new WireGuard protocol.
Connected to a Mullvad London server using the new WireGuard protocol.
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Mullvad Features

  1.  Privacy focused
  2.  No Logs
  3.  WireGuard
  4.  No Tracking
  5.  VPN Kill Switch
  6.  Ad-free
  7.  AES-256 Encryption
  8.  Block Trackers
  9.  No registration required
  10.  Split Tunneling
  11.  Dark Mode
  12.  Shadowsocks
  13.  OpenVPN
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Top positive commentDec 13, 2018

Mullvad are one of the only VPNs to support the cutting edge WireGuard protocol. I use this together together with SOCKS5, and get speed increases of up 1000% compared with OpenVPN.

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Jimbo Styles

I wouldn't use a VPN based in the EU lmao

Reply written Dec 13, 2018

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If there are genuinely no logs and they don't know who you are (because they don't ask for any personal information unlike with other VPN providers), then the jurisdiction is of less importance. For example, Edward Snowden has endorsed San Francisco based Signal, and his approval was validated when Open Whisper were recently compelled by a federal subpoena to hand over info on a certain account. Unfortunately for the US government, the logs showed only when the user first signed up for the service and when they most recently logged in.

The same would be true for Mullvad, which - by the way - is based in a far less draconian legal system than Open Whisper. Mullvad's sign up process, in literally 2 seconds, gives you an account without you having to provide ANY personal information of any kind. No name, no email address, nothing. This is because Mullvad uses a genius token based system.

Mullvad crystally clear explain on their website what they don’t log, how they're able to achieve it and why they don't want to keep logs on you. This inspires a lot of confidence.

Further, I would rather have a transparent and ethical EU based provider than a shady Panamanian (or wherever) based one that don't even reveal who the people and developers are behind the company. Mullvad, on the other hand, is developed and run by genuine privacy activists who are well known in the community.

If you appreciate the importance of open-source and transparency in general, then using one of your "non-EU" services represents the antithesis IMO.

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Reply written Dec 13, 2018

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Top positive commentNov 24, 2020

unlike many VPN companies they do not have a bunch of shady marketing practices. affordable. great tech support. can be used on whatever type of device you desire.

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Positive commentSep 20, 2023

100% private, you can even pay cash

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Positive commentSep 12, 2023

Overall it's the best privacy-focused VPN provider. Speeds are amazing but sadly they no more support Port forwarding.

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Duncan Briggs
CommentAug 11, 2023

Mullvad features an adult content blocker under Mullvad menu –> Settings –> VPN settings –> DNS content blockers –> Adult content. Unfortunately, this does not block proxy services.

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ReviewMar 30, 2023

It's an okay option. They put a great emphasis on security, privacy and anonymity, which is crucial for a VPN service. You can easily pay in Monero (you'll even save 50 cents/month), you don't need to provide an email address or anything. For €4.50, there's a lot you will get.

What's really concerning are the very slow speeds. Without the VPN, I'll get around 80 Mb/s in download. With Mullvad, I only get around 30. I used LibreSpeed with Clouvider in Frankfurt, Germany. And in Mullvad, I used Frankfurt servers as well. I also tested other nearby countries. Same for all. Also, most websites know immediately that I'm using a VPN. ProtonVPN, for example, doesn't have these issues. (Proton has its own issues, though. But keep in mind that many people consider Proton as a honeypot.)

Overall, Mullvad is pretty good. I just expect a bit more, honestly.

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Positive commentDec 5, 2022

Anonymous payment, easy port-forwarding, 5 devices, Apps for all Operating systems. Mullvad is pretty awesome. The support is also nice.

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