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Really nice client but not updated often enough for its price

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I purchased it and I am using it every day. I really love the Git Flow integration and I find it quite stable.
What I do not like is that is a very expensive product and that the company does not release updates as often as I would expect (at least once a month for release and at least twice a month for pre-release).

It seems that they have a very slow release cycle, lesser than a release every 3 months. Have a look at

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Great tool - very stable and intuitive. I use that too everyday and I don't want to miss it - keeps things simple.
I use it on windows and mac.
Don't get me wrong - I really love git in the terminal - but for a lot of reasons a GUI makes absolutely sense...

The support team is great. Fast response times and very committed to their job! thanks

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I bought a year license and I use it at work everyday.

It is sexy from the outside, but it's just not simple to use and not well thinked.

  • The PR feature is not working
  • Sometimes I lost stashes (it told me it was saved, but no)
  • The search feature is aweful (you have to select if you look for a git message, an author or a file... Yes, this 70$ app isn't able to guess it for you !)
  • To select a branch, you have to select it on a simple dropdown without any kind of search field. When using it professionally in a gitflow, that means having to seek for your branch among hundreds of branches.
  • It asks for a lot of shit when you change your branch (Do you want to stash ? How do I call the stash ? Did you notice this unversionned file that I will not destroy anyway because it's fu**king not versionned...)

Long story short : sexy ui, aweful UX. I won't say I gain time with it - and it doesn't make git easier in my professional life. Better investing in learning git commands, you'll have to learn them to fix Tower errors anyway...

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It does work well. Personally the client is very slick and fast but their built-in direction really need some work. i haven't updated to the newest version yet so maybe it will be better