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TeraCopy Features

  1.  Windows Explorer ExtensionTeraCopy can extend Windows Explorer in various ways, for example add context menu options, etc..
  2.  PortableTeraCopy can be used from a USB stick or similar with no prior installation.
  3.  Ad-freeTeraCopy doesn't contain any form of external advertising.
  4.  Dark ModeTeraCopy supports dark mode for comfortable usage in low light conditions.
  5.  Works OfflineTeraCopy can be used without the need to connect to the internet.
  6.  No registration requiredYou can use most of the features in TeraCopy without registration.
  7.  LightweightTeraCopy consumes less device resources compared to similar apps.

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Top positive comment

I gave Tetacopy 5 stars because it is one of the best in the market past year and I hope it will be one of the best this year compared to Syncback pro and Gs Richcopy 360

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Top positive comment

First of all, this is about the free TeraCopy.

I have been using TeraCopy ever since I found about it through Hiren's BootCD that I used a decade or so ago. I was curious about it when I found out about it, but since I have used it as the default Windows copy tool and have never looked back!

If for some reason you are still on Windows 7, then just go ahead and use it, without even thinking about it! If though you are on Windows 10 then.. just go ahead and use it, without even thinking about it!

One of it's main features I loved while on Windows 7, was the ability to pause the copying, in the cases where my PC was lagging due to me doing something else at the same time, cause I forgot I was copying large amounts of data.

Now, since pausing is FINALLY a native feature of Windows, that feature is not as much needed. Still, be it a placebo or not, I feel TeraCopy is still faster then W10's native copying. The reason I do not know if it is, is mostly because I do not care if it is or not. With TeraCopy you can tell which files have already been copied, which is mostly minor feature, while more importantly, you can quickly tell which files failed to be copied, in case something goes wrong. For the people that are a bit insane about making sure the copy of the file was not corrupt while it got copied, as it has the option to hash check files after they got copied.

UI looks way better to me than the Native one and the features that the Free version lacks over the Pro, seem quite minor really, with the most noteworthy one (for me) being the ability to remove one or more files from the copy queue, in case you change your mind midway about a file you are copying... which can be resolved by stopping the copy, doing it all over again without the specific file(s) that you did not want to copy and when prompted about overwriting files, you just skip them.

One more nice feature is how you can queue different copy jobs and TeraCopy will automatically start the next one as soon as it finished the current one. With the native W10 one you can still start multiple ones and pause all except the one you want to be done, but W10 will not automatically start the next one.

All in all, a great replacement for the native copier.

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Top negative comment

The updates that was made, made this program very unstable and unusable. I had to switch back to Windows Explorer.

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Positive comment

Very good shell integration (file explorer) in windows. For me it acts as a much faster alternative to the single threaded copy of file explorer. As an example: Copy for 3h to an external drive vs copy for 40min. The speed impact is especially noticeable for small files. Extremely so!

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Negative comment

Good functionality, but this application is always buggy. Every single version released. Year after year.

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Positive comment

Great! I like the way it integrates and gives me choices when I am ready to copy/move. FastCopy is good too! There's debate about which is faster.. they say FastCopy, but TeraCopy seems to have more polished options.

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Essentially ruined past version 3.26

Avoid new versions, and seek out older versions to avoid headaches and literal application breaking bugs.

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