TellForm is a free, opensource form builder similar to Google Forms or TypeForm. It was created and is maintained by David Baldwynn, an Electrical Engineering student studying at UBC.

TellForm grew out of one of David's contracting projects where he was tasked to create a self-hostable, airgapped kiosk for a client in the medicial industry.

Finding no forms to his liking that were as easy to use as TellForm David set out to create a alternative to TellForm. After working on it for a couple of months in the Summer of 2015, he decided to opensource it.

TellForm ended up getting posted on HackerNews, which lead to it being hunted on Product Hunt, further legitimizing TellForm and increasing awareness about the project.



Supported Platforms

Self-Hosted Heroku Docker

Links to official TellForm sites

Official Website    GitHub


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