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Brilliant concept, but not for amateurs

Comment by bawldiggle
about Sysinternals Desktops · Mar 2017 · Helpful Not helpful Report as spam

I would recommend reading the developers "blurb" on the download page

By the developer "Mark Russinovich"

Desktops reliance on Windows desktop objects means that it cannot provide some of the functionality of other virtual desktop utilities, however. For example, Windows doesn't provide a way to move a window from one desktop object to another, and because a separate Explorer process must run on each desktop to provide a taskbar and start menu, most tray applications are only visible on the first desktop. Further, there is no way to delete a desktop object, so Desktops does not provide a way to close a desktop, because that would result in orphaned windows and processes. The recommended way to exit Desktops is therefore to logoff.


Bare Bones to say the least

Comment by rmbjr60
about Sysinternals Desktops · Jun 2016 · Helpful Not helpful Report as spam

Wow is this a minimal app. It basically does what it says it does, and not an ounce more. Not that I want bells-and-whistles just for the sake of having them. But it would be nice to have, For example, a one-click method to switch desktops (it currently requires one click to bring up a choice of desktops, then a click to select one). Other simple features that this app does not support include: , naming desktops, customize the number of desktops (well, this is supported, but it isn't very mature implementation), auto-assigning certain applications to launch in certain desktops.

For those of us still using Win 7 (and, in the year 2016, there are plenty of enterprises that have not yet allowed win 8 or win 10 on their corporate computers), this app is OK. I prefer Dexpot, but you can certainly use this one to achieve virtual desktops.