Comprehensive digital audio workstation for music composition, audio editing, mixing and mastering.

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      For a free DAW,( unless you choose to offer a financial contribution) you get a LOT of pretty high end tools at your disposal. The development team are very responsive to queries and this package gets updated pretty much every month. My only criticism is that, although the documentation is comprehensive( it is basically the sonar documentation), there are only references to the accompanying images, thees slots are just blank placeholders where the pictures should be. Hopefully the development team will give the docs a bit of TLC here( but it will take time, there are several thousand images referenced). This seriously knocks the socks off Apples garage band!!! Once the pictures are included in the online documentation cakewalk will have earned the full compliment of 5 stars.( I'm keeping the fifth star in my back pocket for now)
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      29 days ago
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