Add all of your favorite apps, and access them right inside Shift!
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Cross-account unified search, to the rescue! Search across all of your accounts, Mail, Calendar & Drive, in one simple query.
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Toggle between Mail, Calendar & Drive, for all of your accounts, without the hassle!
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Shift Features

  1.  Multiple Account supportShift support multiple accounts without the need to logout and login
  2.  Unified inboxView e-mails (or similar) from all accounts in one unified view with Shift.
  3.  Sync with Google CalendarShift can be synchronized with Google Calendar
  4.  Extensible by Plugins/ExtensionsShift can be extended with add-ons, plugins and extensions.

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Colin Smith
Top positive comment

Great app--it's always open in a separate workspace for easy access to multiple email accounts across different business units. The biggest thing for us was a convenient integration with Asana and HubSpot, tools we use for project management and CRM.

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Top positive comment

As we run multiple Email Campaign and we get replies in multiple mailboxes, Shift make it easy for us to keep track of all the replies without the hassle of logging in and out of every account all the time.

Shift has facilitated our operations and make it much less complicated to drive through all these mailboxes, CRM, and other apps.

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Top negative comment

Free version looks promising until you realize the limitations: only 2 email accounts and no apps. Then it goes to $49/year for more than 2 email inboxes and $99/year for apps. Who thought this pricing structure made sense?

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149 /year meanwhile

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Negative comment

i WAS (still active subscription) a paid customer of tryshift. very buggy and gives nerves, found biscuit with all its limitations more stable. very often you must reset it because it hangs and you have to reconfigure and backup doesnt work, no session sync between multiple pcs working, worst thing every year doubles or nearly doubles the fees for a program full of problems. the potential was big.. too expensive for what it offers

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Ted Curran

This shouldn't be this expensive. I paid for it when I worked in a Google Suite environment, as it's good for keeping your work and personal Google accounts separate, but I now meet the same need for free with Station.

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I am actually here to look for an alternative.

The app itself looks ok and all, but it was advertised aggressively, the free version doesn't do anything I can't get free from someplace else, and the supposedly inexpensive fees to upgrade are not what they first seam.

Again, for 29$ a year, you get basically, the same as free but more accounts, and in order to get the full feature set (that I was barely willing to go 30$ a year for), you have to pay $100 a year. Talk about sticker shock.

It is only affordable if you are using it in a business capacity, in which case the company is paying for it.

So, bottom line, probably not a bad tool. Not at all what was advertised.

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Positive comment

I really like the platform! there's still some work needs to be done to make it even better but here comes the best part... I recommended some changes and suggestions to the shift team and i can actually see things changing over time. there's a software update very often and you really feel like they listen to you

I would recommend to try it and see if it works for you!

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