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Way too expensive

Comment by chuckbajax
about ShareMouse · Apr 2015 · Helpful Not helpful 3 Helpful Report as spam

$49 PER YEAR just to control more than two computers. That's horribly overpriced.

They need to come down. Synergy is good enough and doesn't require me to pay for it again after a year. Plus the vague and arbitrary criteria they use to decide whether you're a "power user" who has to pay extra just kind of irks me--there's domain on the local network? Pay up bro. (What if you're a student at a university?)

To actually use the software, it has features I'd happily pay for at a more affordable $20-30 per year, or with a one-time fee for the current version. No concept of a client-server, at least in the interface. Your computers are added to a "group" and any computer in the group will send input to any other. It also dims the screens on non-focused computers, so you can more easily determine where your mouse is in a large setup. The only real drawback that I can see is the lack of any Linux support.

I don't think it's really the price that gets to me, just the attitude. They introduce this arbitrary designation where you have to pay more, and you are only paying for a single year. They whole thing just feels like gouging.

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ShareMouse is no subscription. There are no recurring fees. There is no annual payment. It's a one-time payment. Licenses do not expire and are valid lifetime.

You can find this information on the shop page at

By the way, ShareMouse actually meets your suggestions: There is a one-time payment license and maintenance renewal is $35, just as you suggested. Maintenance renewal is optional and not mandatory.

Portable Versions

Comment by lewen7er9
about ShareMouse · Sep 2011 · Helpful Not helpful Report as spam

Have only compared with Synergy KM. I prefer this to Synergy KM since they provide portable installs (whereas Synergy KM depends on Visual Studio being installed on PCs).

So far working well with wireless Mac Keyboard and Magic Mouse connected to an iMac running OS X Lion remotely controlling a Windows laptop running Windows Server 2003 and an old (2006) MacBook running OS X Snow Leopard.