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    #Awesome! Helps me organize my thoughts better by being able to draw on the screen. I had a professor in international economics & trade who always used something to draw on his laptop screen so he could explain graphs to us (long time ago). I never was able to find something alike, until today. I always use the Screen Draw addon for FireFox. Awesome too, but it only works in FF. I also use to draw on websites for sharing, but again it only works in the browser. Next I use Classic Whiteboard ( for quick scribbles. Works great and it is free, and does the job, but you can only draw within the application itself. But now I found ScreenMarker!! It is free, and it just works straight out of the box! There is no save option in the ScreenMarker app. YOu don't need it, because you can make a screenshot or screencast yourself when necessary.
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    over 1 year ago
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