Scrcpy GUI

    GUI frontend for scrcpy

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      noney reviewed Scrcpy GUI
      Straight forward GUI for scrcpy, it's great for accessing/fine tuning all the features in scrcpy without trying to figure them out via command line. Features such as screen recording, wireless connection to scrcpy, turning off the physical display on the phone while still mirroring on computer, and many other features. #####Things to be aware of #### *It doesn't actually install scrcpy...installing scrycpy is a prerequisite (FYI scrypi can easily be installed via chocolatey which is a great tool for automating the installs/upgrades/management of windows programs) * easily installed on Windows with an .exe installer available on github *it is cross platform and can be installed on linux/mac (currently only listed on this site as windows)- apears decently maintained, the last release was in 2020 *annoying that the default language after install is chinese but it can be changed on one of the menu bars (english is displayed in english alphabet) *it launches scrcpy exactly as if you had launched it from the command line, so you are getting the exact same experience, and this tool just simplifies it launching and fine tunig all the features available in scrcpy
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      3 months ago
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