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    "RisohEditor" is a free resource editor for Win32 development. RisohEditor realized the ideal of resource editor.

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      Guest reviewed RisohEditor
      RisohEditor is very capable. An alternative to Resource Hacker (propreitary) and Anolis Resourcer (discontinued). The icons are very ugly (uglier than 7-Zip), it feels like someone took the 7-Zip icons, made them uglier, and than added his own weird icons that are not intuitive and incredibally strange. It looks like it's possible to change icons and make an icon pack. Didn't test though. It also offers a portable version and a scripting language named EGA.
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      7 months ago
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      Gameplayer9198 liked RisohEditor
      7 months ago
    • ediferreira thinks Resource Hacker is an alternative to RisohEditor
      11 months ago