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Read all you want faster with Reedy for Google Chrome or Android

Reedy is an advanced speed reading extension for Google Chrome. Words are shown fast one after another on the same place of the screen which increases the speed of perception of every single word. You spend no more time on moving your eyes along the lines.

Now you'll be able to read twice, three or even four times faster than you used to read. Reading from left to right, and up and down has become hopelessly outdated. Now you can read being entirely absorbed into the text.
Rolling and moving along the lines won’t distract you anymore.


The speed is up to 2000 words per minute with a possible gradual acceleration;
Progress bar and time left till the end of reading;
Quick preview of the context during a pause;
Ability to paste custom text (offline using);
Recognition of general entities (URLs, words with a dash, phone numbers, etc.). Analysis of the punctuation;
Smart slowing – slow down the speed at a punctuation mark;
Focus mode – the focus point is shifted closer to the beginning of a word;
Scrollbar for the easy navigation through the text;
Showing the text which follows the current word;
Light and dark themes, background transparency;
Adjustable position of the reading area;
Automatical start of the reading;
Different font sizes;
Navigating through the words and sentences;
Simple and intuitive interface.


Free for personal use

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