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After trying everything out there and being disappointed by tools being either too sparse, or overly bloated, I really can't express how excited I was when I found ProductBoard. Very quickly it proved it's worth and i haven't looked back for almost a year now. The team at PB has figured out what product managers actually need and want from a tool—which is a big surprise since all of the others miss the mark. Most other tools make you work too hard to even get the tool set up to a usable place. What completely sold me was the power of mapping user feedback to features on our roadmap. (we pipe in feedback from our Delighted NPS account, our Intercom account, our Slack channels and a few other sources) ProductBoard makes this so painless that we've already processed ~4,000 pieces of customer feedback.

The cost of switching to another tool is already too high that another tool would have to go above and beyond to have me even consider it.

The PB team also takes feedback to heart, and have been very responsive, pushing out frequent updates (i LOVE LOVE LOVE the new Feedback Portal)

Tom D
Chief Product Officer @ Spacious

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This is easily the only rational choice for any product manager.
While some might argue, that using JIRA is the way to go,
my experience has shown, that stakeholders are not ready
to invest in understanding it's complex UI and details there
are overwhelming. With Productboard you get Clarity, you
get communication and shared understanding, you get
flexibility and freedom to only build the relevant products.

And that's what all of us aspire to, right?

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A really good product ... for product people! The whole flow from getting feedbacks into a single place, to feature prioritization until roadmap is really well crafted.

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I've tried a lot of solutions to the daily work of product management. Productboard is the best comprehensive solution I've found to date. The strategy and prioritization tools are top notch. The integrations to pipe in customer feedback have been working very well. And the integration to Jira is the smoothest of any PM tool I've used.

The roadmap tools are the best I've used in an all in one tool, but I'd like to see more around sharing and a gantt presentation mode. One star off for the current limitations here.

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Great all-round too to manage customer feedback, features, and roadmap