Power BI for Office 365 Alternatives and Similar Software

Alternatives to Power BI for Office 365 for Web, Windows, Mac, Self-Hosted, iPhone and more. Filter by license to discover only free or Open Source alternatives. This list contains a total of 25+ apps similar to Power BI for Office 365.

Power BI for Office 365 is a self-service business intelligence (BI) solution delivered through Excel and Office 365 that provides information workers with data analysis and visualization... If you're looking for more info about Power BI for Office 365 like screenshots, reviews and comments you should visit our info page about it. Below you find the best alternatives.

The list of alternatives was last updated: 7/25/2019 8:35:00 AM

Alternatives to Power BI for Office 365 for all platforms with any license

  • Tableau

    Tableau can help anyone see and understand their data. Connect to almost any database, drag and drop to create visualizations, and share with a click. Whether you’re driving decisions across your organization or embedding insights into your software, app, or website – choose the analytics software that works the way people think.

    Freemium $ $ $ Mac Windows Web Self-Hosted

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  • Metabase

    Metabase is the easy, open source way for everyone in your company to ask questions and learn from data.

    Free Open Source Mac Windows Linux Amazon Web Services Haiku ... Heroku Docker

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  • Pentaho

    Pentaho is a Business Intelligence software company that offers Pentaho Business Analytics, a suite of open source products which provide data integration, OLAP services, reporting, dashboarding, data mining and ETL capabilities. The Pentaho suite consists of two offerings, an enterprise and community edition. The enterprise edition contains extra features not found in the community edition. The enterprise edition is obtained through an annual subscription and includes extra support services.

    Free Personal Windows Linux

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  • Redash

    Redash helps you make sense of your data. Connect and query your data sources, build dashboards to visualize data and share them with your company. Self-hosted software is free and open source, hosting service by Redash is subscription based.

    Commercial $ $ $ Open Source Mac Windows Linux Web Self-Hosted ... Cloudron

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  • JasperReports

    JasperReports is the worlds most powerful and widely used embeddable Java reporting library for report designers and developers. JasperReports Professional includes iReport, the most popular graphical design tool for JasperReports.

    Commercial Mac Windows Linux

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  • SpagoBI

    SpagoBI is the only entirely Open Source Business Intelligence suite. It covers all the analytical areas of Business Intelligence projects, with innovative themes and engines.

    Free Open Source Windows Linux

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  • Whatagraph

    Digital marketing agencies and businesses use Whatagraph to save time and present analytics data in a way their clients and teams can easily understand. > Data from all your digital channels in one platform > Customisable and editable visual templates > Automated report generation and e-mail delivery > Flexible date range reporting > Several language available Our clients: > Are simplifying the process of sharing analytics data within team and with their clients.

    Commercial Web

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  • Geckoboard

    Geckoboard is a TV KPI dashboard that helps you and your team stay focused on the KPI that matter and monitor important business metrics. 70+ integrations with cloud platforms such as Google Analytics, Mixpanel, Salesforce, Facebook, Mailchimp and Google Sheets make it easy to pull your data together from across many different sources and visualise it in the most appropriate way without support from IT.

    Commercial Web iPhone

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  • Cyclotron

    Cyclotron is a browser-based platform built by Expedia for constructing dashboards. Built on and requiring MongoDB and Node.js , It provides standard boilerplate and plumbing, allowing non-programmers to easily create and edit dashboards using customizable components. It has a built-in dashboard editor, and hosts the dashboards directly. FEATURES - No programming required, Cyclotron uses a declarative approach to configuration that includes hundreds of properties for customization.

    Free Open Source Self-Hosted MongoDB Node.JS

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  • Windward Studios

    Visually Brilliant Designs Our application has all the tools and capacity to help you generate fabulously alluring designs and remarkable layouts. Your capacity to imagine is the only endpoint. Smart Document Logic We offer the best-in-class document generation tool for the 21st Century. Equipped with the conditional logic feature, the creation of customized documents for your audience is easier. Embrace the new era of Smart Documents.

    Commercial $ $ $ Mac Windows Linux Web Java Mobile ... Self-Hosted

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  • Google Data Studio

    Google Data Studio turns your data into informative dashboards and reports that are easy to read, easy to share, and fully customizable. Dashboarding allows you to tell great data stories to support better business decisions. Data Studio provides easy access to all the data sources you need to understand your business and make better decisions.

    • Currently lacks the depth & range to replace Power BI for our needs. Forces aggregation on number items in sort feature even if aggregation is not the objective. Guest • Feb 2019 Disagree   Agree

    Free Web

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  • Klipfolio Dashboard

    Klipfolio is a cloud app for building and sharing real-time business dashboards on web browsers, TV monitors and mobile devices. With Klipfolio you can: Connect to hundreds of data sources online and on premise, including web apps like Google Analytics, Salesforce and Quickbooks, cloud and on premise databases, FTP servers, files stored on hard drives, and more. Leverage a robust library of pre-built connectors and data visualizations, or build your own, from scratch.

    Commercial Mac Windows Web Android iPhone

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  • datapine

    datapine enables managers to data scientists to explore, visualize, analyze and share data in one central business intelligence platform. The software offers fast and easy data connectors to dozens of data sources, innovative analytics features such as intelligent data alarms, a wealth of modern data visualizations as well as dynamic, interactive business dashboards to communicate data efficiently.

    Commercial Mac Windows Web Android iPhone ... Android Tablet iPad Software as a Service (SaaS)

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  • FineReport

    FineReport is a powerful and efficient reporting tool allows you to creat complex reports with no IT help and supports a wide variety of data sources. 1. Complex reports: supports multi-source data correlation, row (column) symmetry, column-break/page-break/group-break reports, dynamic inter-cell calculation, functions (formats), aggregate reports. 2. Data support: common database/BI multi-dimensional database/standard data source/program, text data source/stored procedures. 3.

    Free Mac Windows Android iPhone iPad

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  • Trevor.io

    Trevor gives everyone on your team the ability to explore and learn from your data. What makes Trevor stand out is the power and flexibility it gives you to answer (even complex) questions, without help from an engineer or analyst. It takes 2 minutes to set up and works out of the box. As a bonus, Trevor derives the relationships between your tables and generates a map of your database (an 'Entity Relationship Diagram') for you, automatically.

    Commercial Web Heroku

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  • DIVE by MIT Media Lab

    DIVE is a web-based data exploration system that lets non-technical users create stories from their data within minutes, without writing code. Features include semantic data ingestion, recommendation-based visualization and analysis, and dynamic story sharing — all combined into a unified workflow. DIVE is a publicly available (fully free) and open source research project.

    Free Open Source Web

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  • Castor

    Create monitoring dashboards and present your data with a gorgeous interface, on any screen, from an iPad to a wall-mounted TV. Dead-simple Dashboard editing: Castor includes a lot of premade widgets, and you can always create your own. Drag, drop, resize. Dashboard can have as many widgets as you want and can be edited in no time. Own Data Source: Castor securely fetches data, directly from the client. Fill up your widgets with your own, without ever worrying about your data’s safety.

    Freemium Web

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  • Amazon QuickSight

    Amazon QuickSight is a very fast, cloud-powered business intelligence (BI) service that makes it easy for all employees to build visualizations, perform ad-hoc analysis, and quickly get business insights from their data. Amazon QuickSight uses a new, Super-fast, Parallel, In-memory Calculation Engine (“SPICE”) to perform advanced calculations and render visualizations rapidly.

    Commercial Web

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