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    For the file/folder-backup Duplicati is the best free app For a good backup functionality is is necessary to cleanup more/older than x backups (CLU) not only older backups than x months, and to configure the schedule of a backup also for each 2nd Monday 10:00 and to pause if the system is busy (Sch). Comparison of file/folder backup applications: Comparison ...... CLU . Sch . Lang SyncBack Free...... No ... Yes .. English only Cobian Backup .. Yes .. No ... Many Acronis True Im.. Yes .. Yes .. Many Duplicati ...............Yes .. Yes .. Dan.En.Fr.Port. Areca Backup ..... No .. Yes .. English only Personal Backup No .. Yes .. Engl.+German Saft Backup .........Yes .. No .. Engl.+German Duplicati (1) is the best free backup application. Acronis True Image (2) has all necessary functions, has multi-language UI and additionally can do harddisk images with best functions, but it is not free. In difference to Duplicati Saft Backup can do backups with volume shadow copy (VSS), but cannot do a backup on each second Monday and has no flexible file filter. (1) Small Duplicati iconDuplicati (2) Small Acronis True Image iconAcronis True Image (3) Small Personal Backup iconPersonal Backup (4) Small SaftBackup iconSaftBackup
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