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    Pegagus is on its last legs. The dinosaur will not surrender to an inevitable death by neglect. I was very interested in testing Pegasus Mail until I tried to join the forum and then tried to send the webmaster a non-public email about broken pages. 48 hrs to finally be able to login, after I received instructions to login with a temp password. ... THEN ... Their Feedback page is broken, after 8 attempts to {Send} and be told "Wrong Code!" ! And then to discover Pegasus requires an addon to enable Vista and Win-7 as default mail client. So why do they boast Suited for Win-7/8/10 Copyright is dated at 2011 ... 8 years ago Pegasus is overdue for a heart transplant I will stay with Classic Thunderbird, at least it works and Mozillazine forum is very helpful
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    3 months ago
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